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Pricing and terms of payment, backorders, delivery

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Pricing and terms of payment, backorders, delivery

Glitter pricing:

2 oz. minimum per color in one size (i.e. 2 oz. .040 blue)

 $1.40 per oz.  (i.e. minimum order would be $2.80; 3 oz. at $4.20; etc.)

$1.60 per oz. for  silver hologram   

To place an order, email me the details of what you would like to purchase and I'll email you back an exact total.  Check the total , confirm payment type and when payment is sent. Do not pay until order is confirmed. Notify me of errors so that I can rectify.

For Pay Pal, use my e-mail address:  note: due to excessive PP fees, I don't accept credit card payments through Pay Pal.


Shipping and Handling:


Shipping under 8 oz. goes by large envelope rates plus one ounce to account for envelope, bag and extra glitter weight from glitter samples.


For total weights of  8 oz. or more, a flat-rate envelope cost of $4.95 will allow me to ship over two pounds,  with the additional benefit of  2-day priority mail in the lower 48 states. Shipping is capped at $4.60.


Note: Plastic ziplock bags are easier to ship, weigh less and you get a true net weight  within .10 oz. on a digital scale.


Pay any way that's easiest for you (check, money order or Pay Pal). Advanced payment notification is necessary to begin shipping your glitter. This is automatic by Pay Pal and for customers that have have a good payment history.


If payment notification is not received within 3 days, the order is automatically canceled and must be resubmitted.


I attempt to ship your order as soon as I receive it and once I have prepayment notification. If one or more colors needs to be backordered, I will e-mail you to see if:
1. you don't want to b/o an item or
2. you want to b/o if and when the color/size becomes available, having already prepaid the S&H in the original order.
Shipping methods:
Standard USPS Ground for smaller weights

USPS - Flat rate envelope (2-day priority mail)
Any other method you chose (UPS, overnight-express, etc.), an extra charge applies.

Incorrect size, quantity or color?
E-mail me and I'll try to rectify the problem.

Do you have a question? Send me an e-mail at: